SBS Pvt. Ltd. is the best IT company which deals with the Web-Designing and Software Development. We are having a unique identity in the market. We are very trusted and fast growing company of software. We design a Website by using the WordPress tool. We are having a lot of year experience in designing field. We create a website by using this tool within one month. It is a tool of designing by which you can easily create your website. There is no need of coding. You can use plugins in the WordPress to include more features. Our professional web designers are always ready to help you.

C & C++

SBS Pvt. Ltd. provides the training of C and C++ language. We are having lot of year experienced professionals of C and C++. Main focus of our company is to provide the practical knowledge to students during the training period. We complete the course of C and C++ within 3 months. At the end of the training we also provide a C & C++ Certificate. As we know C is base of all language. So it is most important to learn firstly so that you can learn any other language. We measure the performance of student during the training period, after that we hire.


SBS Pvt. Ltd. is the best IT company which provides the JAVA training. JAVA is mostly used language because of the security purpose. We complete the course of Java within 4 months. We provide the Certificate of JAVA, after the completion of training. We guide our students “How to create a project in JAVA” during the training period. One project is implemented by the student during the training period of JAVA. It is easy to learn if you aware with the C language and know how to find out the solution of a given problem by the coding. 


SBS Pvt. Ltd. also provides the training of PHP. We are having a lot of year experienced professionals of PHP. We complete the course of PHP within 3 months. Now-a-days PHP professionals are more required by companies. It is easy to learn, if you aware with any of the language. We also provide a Certificate of PHP, after the completion of training period. At-least one project of PHP is implemented by the students during the training period. We measure the performance of students,and hire them if we are having the vacancy of PHP.

“Software Development, like professional sports, has a way of making thirty-year-old men feel decrepit.”