At Resonance Music of Delhi the music theory classes are held under precise supervision of our faculty. In this you can join the most music theory courses in Delhi to achieve the excellence required to bring out the master composition of yourselves. The music theory lesson ‘s are quite vast and diverse in one of which you will be inducted once your knowledge about music is tested.

You can Learn piano in all new versatile and Modern way developed by us which is the Convenient  for everybody.we provide piano Classes for learners of every age. our only main motive is that only become professional  Pianist  of our music school students which they have dreamt about it .

The students who want to join the art of music production should have to join the Resonance Music Of Delhi. Over many years they have trained thousands of beginners to become a successful composer and producer of the current worldwide music industry. If you also want to yourself as a music producer then you have to join the Resonance Music Of Delhi.

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