The first few years that a child spends in school are extremely critical in the development of the children and also influence their attitude towards the school in general and students in particular. The younger children are provided with a friendly, warm and homely environment. The class rooms are well equipped and brightly decorated to exude a feeling of belonging.


Children exercise their hands on the mouse, Working on LOGO, Power Point, Visual Basic, Paint tools etc. enhances their creativity and imagination making them more tech savvy!. Healthy mind lives in a healthy body is cent-per-cent true. The games & sports are a part & parcel of education. Our school gives this opportunity to the students to keep fit & do better in the competitive era.

Irrespective of what career choices your child makes in the future, we believe that a meaningful education is necessary to make them future ready. While your child is growing up, their interests fluctuate leading to a career choice that cannot be predicted beforehand. Therefore, they must be mentally prepared to take the right direction.