Mobile marketing is an online marketing technique. It is used to reached at a specific audience on their tablets and any other devices by using the websites, SMS, MMS, E-mail or mobile applications. It can provide customers with their time and personalized information that promote goods, services and ideas. It is multi-channel activity by which consumers are constantly connected using a personal mobile device.



SMS stands for the Short Message Service. It became popular in Europe in the early 2000s. SMS marketing services run off a shortcode. A shortcode is assigned by all the mobile operators in a given country. It is a 5 or 6 digit number. On the other hand, inbound SMS can be received on the long numbers. It can be used in place of the short codes. Long numbers are available internationally.


MMS stands for the Multimedia Message Service. It is standard way to send the multimedia messages over the cellular networks. Multimedia messages are also referred to as PXT or a picture message. MMS mobile marketing can contain images, text, audio and video. All the contents of mobile marketing is delivered via MMS. All the latest phones produced with a color screen are able to sending and receiving MMS message.

By using MMS A2P, Brands are able to both send and receive large data.  In some networks, brands can sponsor messages. These messages are sent person-to-person.

Example of MMS marketing:-Motorola’s ongoing campaigns.


Ringless voicemail the advance technology of mobile marketing which allows you to leave a voice mail message on a mobile phone without ringing the line. This technology was developed by VoAPP. It is used by them in conjunction with live operators as a debt collection service. It was expanded by CPL.


Bluetooth is a global wireless technology. It allows to send or receive the data for an expanding range of devices and services over the short distances. It was developed by Ericsson in 1994. It was originally conceived as a wireless alternative to RS-232 data cables.

It provides secure connectivity. Context tag of the AmbieSense project, is the device which is built for mobile marketing via bluetooth. It is managed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group. It is a packet-based protocol with a master/slave architecture.


Apps are mostly used in the smartphones. It is the biggest advantage for the mobile marketers as marketing resource. Main aim of the marketers is to optimize the visibility of an app in the store so that number of downloads can be increased. This practice is called ASO. ASO stands for App Store Optimization. There is a lot of competition in this field. It is not easy to rule the mobile marketing application.


Push notifications were firstly developed by the Apple in 2009 to the smartphones. Google developed Android cloud to messaging or C2DM in 2010 for the android devices. This service is replaced by the Google in 2013 with Google Cloud Messaging. It is commonly referred to as GCM and served as the C2DM’s successor. It is a message that pops up on a mobile device and carries the information from the software application to a computing device without any request from the user or client. They look like the SMS notification. But they are available only to the users who installed the app.


In-game mobile marketing is the best way to market your brand or product. In in-game mobile marketing, advertisers pay for their product or name featured in the mobile games. For example:- Racing games can feature real cars made by Ford or Chevy. In-game mobile marketing is slightly more expensive in comparison of other marketing strategies.


QR Codes were first developed by the Denso-Wave for tracking automobile parts in Japan. It was originally approved as an ISS standard in 1997. It allows a customer to scan a 2D image with their mobile phone’s camera to visit a web page address, instead of manually entering a URL. 

QR codes have been growing famous in Asia and Europe. It has been slow to be adopted in North America. For example:- Apple Passbook application has employed QR codes as one of the ways that the iPhone users can take a real world action.

“Mobile Marketing is the most powerful media ever invented.”