Latest Web-Designing Tools to Speed Workflow in 2018

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Professional web designers work to create an interactive web design for website. Users are attracted if the outlook of your site is great and unique. Always use good and powerful tools for your website design. New tools are coming in the market day by day for web designing. To stay at the top you will have to be focused on the latest technologies and tools of web designing. Some of the tools are desktop programs, others are Saas apps or browser tools. Always use your designing skills at your best level and use latest tools so that your design is unique and interactive.




Adobe XD is a designing software that is developed by the Adobe systems. It is used for the vector designing and wireframing. It creates simple interactive click -through prototypes. It is the latest program from Adobe’s HQ. It is a more powerful tool just like the Photoshop. It is designed for prototyping mockup design. It is growing fastly and has a dedicated team of this program.


Anime is an animation engine. It is used by the web designers to add the complex animated components to the app. An example is given below to demonstrate the super simple API:

var myAnimation = anime({
targets: [‘.box1’, ‘.box2’],
translateX: ‘5rem’,
rotate: 180,
duration: 2000,
loop: true

This code defines the animation and object that you want to animate. 


Icon fonts are the fonts which contain symbols and glyphs. They do not contain any numbers or letters. You can use the CSS to style them and make them a popular choice on the web. Some of the new icon fonts are given below:




Evil Icons

Captain Icon

Font Awesome 5


For the modern design work, UI/UX animations have become a standard. If you build a mockup for your client then they expect the animations in your design. There are lot of programs for that. One of them is principle that you choose. It is probably the best UX animation software and Mac-only like the sketch. You can easily import your PSDs or sketch files into principle and use them for animation.



Vectr is a free graphics editing tool that is used by the designers. You can use this tool on your desktop or in your web browser. You can create clean vector graphics by using this tool. It is very powerful tool which is available for everyone at free of cost.


Sketch app is one of the biggest competitor of Adobe in the designing world. It is cheaper in comparison of the Adobe’s product. Everyone use Photoshop for the mockups because it is easy to use. Sketch is one of the most popular program that you can use for the designing. Sketch app is available free for one time, unlike the monthly subscription to Adobe.


You have a lot of options when you come to digital prototyping. Many designers use the paper for wireframing and then convert their ideas into software for digital prototypes. You can use the figma tool if you want to do the whole process digitally. It is a powerful tool of designing that supports every stage of design process. You can share your designs, upload mockups and even export CSS right inside the program


Avocode is useful for the front-end developers. With the help of this tool they can code websites or apps from Photoshop or Sketch designs. It is built by the same team that bought us CSS Hat and PNG Hat.

Avocode automatically and quickly analyses your PSD or sketch files and bring them into a beautiful designed UI. It is used by many designers to convert the sketch files and PSDs into beautiful UI.


Fontjoy is powerful tool of fonts. It is free and pulls full library of fonts from the Google web fonts. You can use this tool to apply different type of fonts on the test  including weight,size and line height on the page.


Vivaldi is new web browser which is developed by the people who started Opera. It is very fast and customisable for power users. Vivaldi is built by using the web technologies:Node.js, JavaScript and and React were used to make the user interface, along with the lots of NPM modules. Some of the features of Vivaldi are given below:

  • Web Panel
  • Panel for taking notes
  • Tab stacking and tiling
  • Command Line Control


Font base is free management tool and it works on MAC and windows. It is designed for the web designers with beautiful interface. It provides a visual GUI for all the fonts on your system organized by collections, custom folders and font foundries.


Canva is a free browser based tool. It is used by both the designers and non-designers. It is easy to use. With the help of this tool you can create an infographic for both print and web.

It is also used to create the beautiful images. This tool is a key of success of any web design.


Icon jar is a tool which provides a place to store all your icons. Now it is available only for the Mac OS. It is the best program to manage all the icons locally without digging through the folders by hand. You can create your custom folders in the program. Even you can tag icons based on the type. For example, you can search the “checkmark” to find all the available check icons from the icon pack you have. It is helpful for those designers who love to try different icon set.


Ally.js is a the library of js. It gives you fine control over the focusable and non-focusable elements. Sing its API you can easily find out which element is focusable or tabbable. Two important feature of its API are given below:

  1. Ability to determine in what manner focus has changed (Keyboard, Mouse etc.).
  2. When an element is physically visible on the screen and focusable ( This can help to avoid page scroll).


Hologram is a new tool for WebVR creation. There is no requirement of coding knowledge. Its native Google Blocks integration allows you to play with the 3D objects right off the bat.

Developers can easily download the project created with the Hologram and use them in their A-Frame workflows. Currently it is supported only by the MAC. As soon, in future it will be supported by the Windows version.

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